about ve


exhibition 1 - Reheart

exhibition 2 - return to innocence



A Self taught photographer based in Jakarta. Ve got her master degree in Civil Engineering majoring Project Management from University of Indonesia. Later she found herself in love with photography. Ever since she has been intimate with her camera, she was attached to capture the human figure. Human, especially those who passes by the lines of her life, inspiring her throughout it all. Sensitivity is something that flows, which she keep on tracing, taking her to various challenging creativity cascades. There have been changes that she realized in herself, including the approach she uses when taking pictures.

Imagination, self-expression, emotion and comprehension are my four “main ingredients” in creating her pictures. These four sources of inspiration often dissolve, blending limitlessly. She mixes these ingredients into a whole concept for her to cook into a planning, which will then result in the appearance of her works.